February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Photo of Wing Wing’s Lisa Shin with Lenny Kravitz via Haighteration.

Haighteration shares this fun story of ~Lenny Kravitz~ in the Lower Haight, who swung by Wing Wings and was reportedly a fan of the Angry Korean wings (we have this in common). The piece also mentions he was heading to The Slanted Door for dinner that night. (If you have a sec, you should read the entire story about how he even ended up in the Lower Haight, it’s a good one.)

The luminous ~Cameron Diaz~ was spotted having lunch on Valentine’s Day at Boot and Shoe Service in Oakland. Leah Garchik’s spy reports, “a few paparazzi were asked to leave the restaurant.”

Well, look at that, ~Lou Reed~ having lunch at the St. Francis Fountain.

The city was all abuzz last week with a visit from President ~Barack Obama~, who made an unexpected pit stop at Great Eastern in Chinatown for some dim sum to go. There’s been a huge (and slightly misinformed) hubbub over the fact that the restaurant still serves shark’s fin soup, and just last month the President signed the Shark Conservation Act into law.

Fortunately SFoodie puts things in perspective: “Of course, the California law allows restaurants to sell off their existing stocks of shark fin until July 1, 2013, making that restaurant’s menu still completely legal — and I’d rather see that shark fin eaten rather than completely thrown away, entirely wasting the life of the animal that died to supply humans with the luxury foodstuff.” The greater scandal is how this woman is grabbing a handful of the President’s hindquarters.

And big congrats to chef Michael Tusk of Quince, who was invited to cook for the President at a private dinner that evening.

Last Thursday, the ~Prince and Princess Michael of Kent~ dined at Park Tavern (grande dame Denise Hale was in their party). Since one is supposed to address the Princess as Your Royal Highness, imagine being a server that night: “Your Royal Highness, would you like the chicken [she did] or the burger [the prince did].” (The Princess was reportedly the guest of honor at the opening reception for “The Cult of Beauty” at the Legion of Honor.)