March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

~Edward Norton~ has been on the town, dining at Twenty Five Lusk restaurant with about 14 people (including his brother) at the chef’s table (he ordered soup and risotto). Executive chef Matthew Dolan also sent out a 16-pound red snapper for the group.

He also came in to Park Tavern with a group that included his dad and his new fiancée, comedy producer Shauna Robertson, who works with Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, Superbad). They had the crudités, chicken, and tuna.

Lastly, this tweet via @SanFranPicks mentions he was also spotted having lunch at The Royal Exchange.

Beach boy ~Gerard Butler~, who is starring in the upcoming Of Men and Mavericks, and the Iron Cross film crew visited the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company last night until 11:30pm, along with some local big wave surfers, including Grant Washburn. Mr. Butler is a fan of chef Gaston Alfaro’s fresh seafood sampler and oysters, which he consumed while seated in front of the fireplace in the bar.

On Saturday evening, ~Sofia Vergara~, the stunning Colombian vixen who plays Gloria on ABC’s Modern Family, came in to Venticello with friends and family for a meal. Based on her Twitter feed, she was in town for a whirlwind weekend visit of sightseeing.

Also on Saturday, @thetomatotart spotted Sofia at the Ferry Building.

She was additionally spotted having brunch at Café de la Presse on Sunday. Yup, a gorgeous woman like her is hard to miss.

Over the weekend, ~William Shatner~ came in to Grand Café with his wife and another gentleman (Shatner was in town to perform “Shatner’s World” at the Orpheum Theatre on Sunday.) The group had the Grand Plateau (the raw plate with oysters, clams, and shrimp), and Shatner enjoyed the French onion soup, chorizo omelet, and three pots of white orchard herbal tea.

Another well-known guest: ~Alton Brown~ dined in the Grand Café bar area with his family. Diners noted they seemed to be having a great time (one spotter thinks they were nibbling on one of chef Alicia Jenish’s duck flatbreads).

~Morley Safer~ (60 Minutes) came in to Venticello for dinner last week. No word if he was out of there in exactly an hour.

A tweet from @fancysandwich mentioned ~Bill Cosby~ was spotted at nopa, and quipped, “I think he had pudding pops for dessert.”

A tablehopper tweeter spotted culinary duo ~Anthony Bourdain~ and ~Eric Ripert~ at Bouchon on Saturday, and Bon Appétit editor-in-chief Adam Rapaport spotted The Ripper at Ad Hoc on Sunday. (Ripert and Rapaport were in town to judge the S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena.)

Israeli President ~Shimon Peres~ was visiting San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and last Wednesday had lunch at Sutro’s at Cliff House with a party of 12.