April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

Cutie pie ~Jared Leto~ had breakfast at the Fifth Floor last week. My spotter says, “Nearby diners said he was very polite, and looked casual (but good!) in his jeans, shirt, and jacket. He had a beanie on, but took it off when he sat down. Looked like he was with a few folks (perhaps a business meeting over breakfast?) And for those that are curious….he had chamomile tea, scrambled eggs, and granola.”

Sometimes as soon as tablehopper hits on Tuesdays, you fine folks are reminded of seeing stars out and about and hit me up with your sightings, like this one: “On Easter Sunday, ~Victoria Beckham~ and ~David Beckham~, their four kids, along with ~Gordon Ramsay~ and his wife and kids enjoyed brunch at Solbar at Solage in Calistoga. Quite a sight!”

The trio were also spotted at Oenotri in Napa, according to the Napa Valley Register (hat tip to Eater).

Thanks to a couple tablehopper readers, who sent in ~Vince Vaughn~ sightings from over the weekend to me. One said he was “having lunch with three others a few tables over from me at Redd today. Seemed like a pretty laid back lunch….until after they finished. They had to quickly duck into their Suburban limo when a group of desperate housewives (who looked very LA—or at least very Blackhawk—themselves) seated at the table next to them tried to rather gawkishly snap cell phone pics. One even got up from the table and ran outside after Mr. Vaughn, who then had to make a quick getaway. So much for bucolic Napa Valley, I guess!” Hilarious.

Another said, “Saw Vince Vaughn today (looking good! Has been working out…) at Opus One with a cute blonde.”