April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012

On Friday night, ~Val Kilmer~ came in to Dosa on Fillmore with two other guys, ordering the Chennai chicken, vada pav (nice choice!), dahi vada, and the Tamil lamb curry. He reportedly said he loved it all.

~Madness~ (the band) was at Jasper’s Corner Tap last week (ostensibly after their show at The Warfield). They were kicking it at the bar—people saw them drinking bartender Allison Webber’s cocktails and a few Fernet shots—because that’s how we do it here in San Francisco.

On Saturday afternoon, the curly-haired man of smooth sax, ~Kenny G~, was spotted having lunch at Puccini & Pinetti. Lunch must have been delicious, because he was back Thursday night for dinner. (He was in town playing at Yoshi’s for four nights.)

A couple readers wrote in with these sightings: “A colleague spotted ~Kobe Bryant~ today eating lunch at Yank Sing on Stevenson Street.”

And on Saturday night, another reader writes: “I saw ~Michael Johnson~, the Gold Medal Olympic sprinter, tonight at Betelnut. He was having dinner with a female companion. He was dressed in a blazer and jeans. He didn’t eat as fast as he can run!”

That ~John Waters~, he really loves the slum it. According to this pic and post on Uptown Almanac, he of the pencil mustache “climb[ed] out of a mid-90s LeBaron limo” and hung out in the Uptown bar whilst in a smoking jacket. I guess now is as good a time as ever to wish a happy belated birthday to “The Pope of Trash!”

Last Tuesday, ~Jacques Pépin~ had lunch at Waterbar. He has been very busy touring for his new book, Essential Pépin.