August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

A reader sent me this fabulous sighting: ~Bette Midler~ was spotted dining at Quince!

Ends up the smokin’ ~Edward Norton~ came in with some folks to dine at Local’s Corner. Impressive, Ed. Way to go on scouting the small neighborhood restaurant scene!

Yes, the ~Woody Allen~ sightings continue to roll in. According to a tweet, he came in to La Victoria Panaderia and had a cupcake. (“Standard. No frosting.”)

He also came in to the brand-new Farina Pizza & Cucina Italiana for lunch last Monday with six guests, all of which were reportedly in showbiz: one was from Rome and two others spoke Italian.

A reader let me ~Joe Montana~ and his wife Jennifer came into Comal last Tuesday August 21st.