Barack Obama

February 17, 2015

Bloomberg News reports that President ~Barack Obama~ dined at Spruce during his fundraising visit to San Francisco last week. We don’t know what he ate, but the man has a palate, so hopefully it was delicious and paired with excellent wine.

June 12, 2012

The President and Willie Mays. Photo by Moanalani Jefferey.

This isn’t exactly a typical starlet sighting, but since we’re talking about El Presidente, we can make an exception over here at Hopper HQ. Last week, Janet and Clint Reilly held a sold-out, reelection fundraising event at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in honor of President ~Barack Obama~, and Credo’s executive chef Gustavo Romero Veytia was in charge of cooking for the 250-person luncheon. On the menu: summer salad with upland cress, red frilly mustard greens, watermelon, and plum vinaigrette, and an entrée of grilled coho salmon with sea beans and baby purple artichokes in a lemon-caper sauce. Also present at the luncheon: ~Willie Mays~!

February 21, 2012

The city was all abuzz last week with a visit from President ~Barack Obama~, who made an unexpected pit stop at Great Eastern in Chinatown for some dim sum to go. There’s been a huge (and slightly misinformed) hubbub over the fact that the restaurant still serves shark’s fin soup, and just last month the President signed the Shark Conservation Act into law.

Fortunately SFoodie puts things in perspective: “Of course, the California law allows restaurants to sell off their existing stocks of shark fin until July 1, 2013, making that restaurant’s menu still completely legal — and I’d rather see that shark fin eaten rather than completely thrown away, entirely wasting the life of the animal that died to supply humans with the luxury foodstuff.” The greater scandal is how this woman is grabbing a handful of the President’s hindquarters.

And big congrats to chef Michael Tusk of Quince, who was invited to cook for the President at a private dinner that evening.