Bernie Sanders

May 31, 2016

Chef Amy Murray of Venus Restaurant in Berkeley had a special guest for dinner: ~Bernie Sanders~! Here’s her sweet post about it: “OMG. That moment when the phone rings, followed by the hullabaloo of the Secret Service motorcade, followed by the honor of cooking dinner for the honorable, courageous, noble, and deeply compassionate Bernie Sanders!”

May 24, 2016

Another ~Bernie Sanders~ sighting, this time for a late-night meal at Albany’s China Village. According to this post on Chowhound, “The owner sighed that Bernie didn’t know much about Chinese food, and didn’t like spiciness. Among other things, they had fried rice, those great lamb dumplings, and Mongolian beef…I forgot that they also ordered beer-braised duck, so that’s a +.” Pics and more here.

May 17, 2016

The team at Sightglass Coffee in SoMa was pretty stoked to be visited by ~Bernie Sanders~ last week, who dropped in for a coffee with his wife Jane.