Carlos Santana

August 9, 2011

Last week, El Paseo had ~Carlos Santana~ in the casa; he was there to celebrate his birthday.

September 21, 2010

A fun surprise on Potrero Hill: ~Carlos Santana~ came in to Pera for dinner. He had the roka salata, chicken shish kebab, and baklava, along with a couple glasses of malbec, and finished with a cappuccino (nope, he wouldn’t be able to get away with that in Italy). He was reportedly “verrrrry” kind to other patrons and the staff.

December 29, 2009

~Carlos Santana~ and a friend chose Christmas night to dine at Piazza Pellegrini. The two (suited up in bibs) had the restaurant’s popular cioppino. At the end of his meal, he was gracious enough to pose with fans for a photo.