Chelsea Handler

March 27, 2018

Firebrand ~Chelsea Handler~ dined with a party of seven in the upstairs terrace at ~WATERBAR~, complete with a private table and killer view of the Bay Bridge. They dined on oysters, several entrées, and wine, as well as tequila and vodka cocktails, because I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Also on the waterfront: just last week, ~Marshawn Lynch~ was spotted dining at ~EPIC STEAK~, reportedly one of his favorite watering holes. The running back for the Oakland Raiders enjoyed bites and Hennessy at the bar. Beast Mode in the house!

November 1, 2016

Truth teller and nasty woman ~Chelsea Handler~ had brunch at ~FOREIGN CINEMA~ this past weekend with her family, celebrating her sister’s birthday. Love how she lovingly calls out her “auntie, who is even more of a bitch than I am.”

May 24, 2011

Ozumo Oakland had a surprise guest last Sunday: in the middle of a huge dinner rush before the ~Chelsea Handler~ show on Sunday the 15th, the headliner herself came in for a quick pre-show bite. There were reportedly some “shrieks of delight from the many lovely women dining and pounding vodka.” She seemed to enjoy her sushi, and left once again to loud cheers from the restaurant.