Cody Ross

April 26, 2011

~Cody Ross~ and company and ~Mark DeRosa~ and company both descended on Ozumo Restaurant on Saturday night. Cody’s party enjoyed copious amounts of sashimi and rolls, along with some American Kobe rib-eye and Colorado lamb. His party reportedly loved their sakes and had a few of the Yuki no Bosha Nigori Ginjo; and for dessert, the gang enjoyed the warm dark chocolate fondue with fruit.

April 12, 2011

Photo from MsJubi/Twitter.

According to a tweet, @MsJubi spotted and snapped a pic of “super nice” ~Cody Ross~ of the Giants at Delfina (her “fav lunch spot”).

~Pat Burrell~, the Giants leftfielder, dined at Ozumo San Francisco “with a lady friend” on Thursday night. He was reportedly low key, and was just drinking water since he was playing on Friday.

Over at Quince, ~Ichiro Suzuki~ of the Seattle Mariners came in to celebrate winning a game—he is reportedly a big fan of chef Michael Tusk’s risotto.

~Pau Gasol~ (center of the LA Lakers) had lunch at B44. As the tablehopper spotter reminded me, “He is Spanish, you know.”

November 16, 2010

Cody Ross and wine director Petra Polakovicova at EPIC Roasthouse.

Giants’ left fielder and NLCS MVP ~Cody Ross~ came into EPIC Roasthouse’s Quiver Bar on Saturday the 13th—he enjoyed a dirty martini and split a burger with his buddy. Wine director Petra Polakovicova styled him out with a glass of EPIC cabernet sauvignon, and he signed the bottle, took a few photos with guests, and thanked everyone on the way out.

Man after my own heart: ~Brian Wilson~ was spotted heading into Lucca Delicatessen on Chestnut St.