Hilary Swank

December 22, 2009

~Hilary Swank~ was spotted in San Francisco at the pizza counter at ~A16~ (she ordered the cavatelli and a salsiccia pizza). My spy said “she was there for a while, very blonde, skinny. Fought on the phone outside for a while too. Very gracious and engaged with A16’s pizzaiolo for a while as well.”

Another reader writes in: “I had dinner at Ad Hoc last night (Sunday… it was nasty and rainy) and ~Hilary Swank~ was seated at the table next to us. I’m fairly sure she was with her boyfriend (who was and may still be her agent). At least that’s my deduction based on a Google image search and a whispered synopsis of her divorce from the woman seated on the other side of me. I believe his name is John Campisi.”