Hot Mimbo Action

Okay, this sighting was pretty priceless. Actually, a sighting and eavesdropping. ~Christy Turlington~ and ~Ed Burns~ reportedly spent the weekend in Napa, stayed at ~BARDESSONO~, and dined at ~BOTTEGA~ on Friday. GastroMania tweeted these hilarious “overheard” quotes: “OH Ed Burns, sitting next to us, with Christy Turlington, about a croque madame: ‘if it’s just a ham-n-cheese sandwich, why the fancy name?’” [Ed. note: Well, it’s not just a ham and cheese sandwich, that would be a croque monsieur, but no matter.]

And then this gem: “It’s getting better and better. OH Ed Burns, after being told that the coffee he is drinking is Blue Bottle: ‘how do you spell that?’” [Ed. note: Maybe all that French made him nervous and he forgot he knew English.]