Jared Leto

November 18, 2014

No, that wasn’t just any old lumbersexual you saw at Salumeria, it was Oscar-winning actor ~Jared Leto~. We don’t know what he ate, but he posed for photos with a fan and definitely fit right in.

May 13, 2014

Man of oh-so-lustrous locks, ~Jared Leto~ was spotted again in town, this time at Stable Café with three friends with the same hairstyle. The Bold Italic has a photo and some details (plus some hilarious commenters who think celebrity sightings are “too shallow”; ha-ha).

April 29, 2014

Long-haired Oscar-winner ~Jared Leto~ was spotted at Twenty Five Lusk on Friday evening. He was the guest of honor at a private dinner; no word if his cool-as-ice mom was also in attendance.

April 17, 2012

Cutie pie ~Jared Leto~ had breakfast at the Fifth Floor last week. My spotter says, “Nearby diners said he was very polite, and looked casual (but good!) in his jeans, shirt, and jacket. He had a beanie on, but took it off when he sat down. Looked like he was with a few folks (perhaps a business meeting over breakfast?) And for those that are curious….he had chamomile tea, scrambled eggs, and granola.”