John Mayer

December 28, 2010

Over in SoMa, ~John Mayer~ was spotted at Twenty Five Lusk on Sunday night. Mayer and four guy pals descended on the restaurant/lounge for dinner and drinks—including a bottle of Cristal. They were ready for a big night and were in really good spirits with a lot of playful back and forth amongst the group. An onlooker said they had a “tear up the town” vibe.

August 24, 2010

On Friday night, ~The Killers~ had dinner in the Velvet Room from 9:30pm until midnight, then made a brief appearance at a table in the Redwood Room. They were drinking mojitos with sliced fresh strawberries and bottled water.

~John Mayer~ and his entourage hit the Redwood Room from midnight until 1:30am or so. He drank one of the signature cocktails, the blackberry margarita. He and his party were reportedly very low key for a posse of 12 people.