Kanye West

February 5, 2019

A few weeks ago, ~THE MORRIS~ was closed for quite the private event for one of their regulars, who was celebrating a birthday. It got a beautiful transformation into a private dining room, with tons of amazing flowers from Birch, and check out the baller lineup of wines they poured to go with a high-end tostada and taco bar. It ends up ~Kanye West~ was part of the party, but had to hurry off to hit John Legend’s birthday in LA right after dinner. (And I thought I was a tablehopper.)

November 13, 2018

Last Wednesday, ~Kim Kardashian~ West, ~Kanye West~, and five-year-old North West were spotted dining ~ALEXANDER’S STEAKHOUSE~ in San Francisco.   The family reportedly enjoyed Alexander’s Steakhouse signature wagyu cuts, including Hokkaido, Kagawa Sanuki, and Hyogo Kobe beef, along with marble potatoes, shichimi fries, and seasonal roasted root vegetables. For North, she went with a burger and hot chocolate. Kim and Kanye also ordered a special appetizer off the menu prepared by executive chef Eric Upper, a vegetarian couscous dish which they shared.

December 19, 2017

Actually, no, but ~Kanye West~ was spotted dining at ~SPRUCE~ last Tuesday. No word what Yeezy had for dinner—he works in mysterious ways.

August 12, 2014

Everyone’s favorite celebrity-couple-to-hate, ~Kim Kardashian~ and ~Kanye West~, dined at Cotogna separately on Thursday, according to SFist. Then they dined together at Quince’s curATE on Saturday after Kanye’s set at Outside Lands. Uh-huh, honey, both of them, along with 30 friends, bought out the space for a little after-hours noshing and partying. We’re sure it was klassy.

October 29, 2013

A tablehopper reader wrote in this detailed sighting of ~Kanye West~ and ~Kim Kardashian~ on Wednesday October 23rd at Mason Pacific—they were in town defiling our baseball field for his marriage proposal. The reader says, “I was dining last night at Mason Pacific at 6:00 when who should pop in but Kim, Kanye, and a few friends. I don’t think anyone else noticed them (I know, only in Ess Eff). They were quiet and dined rather quickly. There was only one bodyguard (who dined at the bar). I think they only needed one bodyguard because they are so small (ha)!”

September 24, 2013

Yeezus himself, king of the most-quotable-interview, none other than ~Kanye West~ was spotted at Ame on Sunday afternoon, according to a tweet. Alas, this marks yet another Kanye-sans-Kim sighting.

July 10, 2013

Newsmaker and new father ~Kanye West~ enjoyed brunch at Park Tavern with a group of five including Kevin Systrom, the founder and CEO of Instagram, on Sunday. He enjoyed pancakes and bacon, and the group was looking at pictures from a party the night before.

Looks like ~Kanye West~ was bouncing all around town this weekend: he was also spotted at Smuggler’s Cove on Saturday night. Hayeswire has some photos fans posted to Instagram.

November 6, 2012

Did the air feel a little more electrified the last couple of days? Well, maybe that’s because ~Kanye West~ was in town. He hit up Cotogna on Sunday night, where he had a quiet dinner. He sat in the back and was sans Kim. He also did a little impromptu freestyling for some of the guests outside after dining. Jealous much?

Then, on Monday, he was at Spruce on what appeared to be a business meeting. He was there with three other people, enjoying wine (Brown Estate, if you were curious), and the burger.