Mark Zuckerberg

January 17, 2017

We’re going to take a quick trip to the 650 to ~MAYFIELD BAKERY & CAFÉ~, which had a pretty busy day last week, with both ~Joseph Gordon-Levitt~ coming in to enjoy a business breakfast with a guest to talk about an app, and then ~Mark Zuckerberg~ came in with his wife for lunch.

March 6, 2012

A couple readers wrote in to tell me they spotted ~Mark Zuckerberg~ in the soft-serve line at Bi-Rite Creamery over the weekend. One spotter says, “He was chatting with a neighbor and had to introduce himself: ‘I’m Mark, by the way.’” Indeed.

Another reader writes: “I saw Mark Zuckerberg stocking up on snacks at Bi-Rite on Sunday and then later saw him enjoying said snacks in Dolores Park!” I wholeheartedly co-sign that plan of park attack.

Uptown Almanac (via Grub Street) mentions he came in to The Royal Cuckoo on Friday night.

February 14, 2012

A tablehopper reader writes in to tell me he was enjoying his first visit to Benu, and ~Mark Zuckerberg~ and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan came in for a quick dinner. Yes, quick. Ends up Zuck and his lady were really nice but also exhausted, so they requested the kitchen to speed up the 17-course meal (my spotter says the couple came in after him, and left before he did).

September 28, 2010

Another reader writes: “Just had dinner at Alexander’s Steakhouse (the artist formerly known as Bacar). Seated at the table to my left was ~David Boreanaz~ (the hunky dude from Bones and Angel). Seated to my right was ~Mark Zuckerberg~ (the not-so hunky dude who created this thing called Facebook). I’m so star struck right now!”