Michael Fassbender

March 17, 2015

Here’s a nice Irish star sighting for St. Patrick’s Day: half-Irish actor ~Michael Fassbender~ was spotted at Chubby Noodle on Saturday night. No word on what the hunky fellow was eating, but he’s in town filming the Steve Jobs movie, and was spotted a couple of weeks ago too.

March 3, 2015

Bay Area resident and Metallica drummer ~Lars Ulrich~ celebrated his bachelor party in style on Saturday night (he is marrying model Jessica Miller). According to People, the groom began his evening at Lucky Strike lanes in SoMa, and then made his way to The Starlight Room for vodka tonics and Stella Artois. Who was he partying with? Oh, no one special, just ~Bradley Cooper~, ~Michael Fassbender~, ~Peter Coyote~, and the rest of Metallica. People is even reporting that ~Ian McKellan~ was with them at Lucky Strike. We like to imagine that the merry band of tricksters re-created The Hangover and someone got stuck on the roof (Sir Ian took the part of Mike Tyson, obviously), but it’s sounds like they were better behaved than that. Oh well.