Molly Ringwald

March 10, 2015

Fabulous Brat Packer ~Molly Ringwald~ was at Shakewell last week, visiting her friend, co-owner Tim Nugent. Apparently, the two became friends when Nugent was executive pastry chef at the Sir Francis Drake and Ringwald was staying there. She was in town for a performance at Yoshi’s, and then stopped by the next day for coffee, pastries, and to say hello. A veritable breakfast club, we’d say. She even posted a photo on Twitter, looking even better than pretty in her classic trench and sunglasses.

May 25, 2010

~k.d. lang~ and ~Molly Ringwald~ recently dined at ~FOREIGN CINEMA~ (separately). k.d. lang dined with some Foreign Cinema regulars on Thursday evening before the Black and White Ball—they enjoyed martinis, baked fromage blanc, and some other dishes. On Saturday, Molly Ringwald met friends for a birthday celebration. No, it wasn’t her sixteenth.

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