April 1, 2008

Brian Boitano dined at Waterbar with his manager/coach and a guest.

And now for another BB: it's been a while since I've had a Barry Bonds sighting—he was spotted having dinner at Mamacita.

Pierce Brosnan, AKA Mister Bond, has been on the town; he was in town after a British Vogue shoot up in Bodega Bay. He had what appeared to be a biz coffee meeting at Poggio, "quite a sight in a gorgeous suit and black and grey hair, blue eyes." (Can you hear the tablehopper tipster swooning?) He also dined with a large group (17 guests) at One Market Restaurant, where he got a group of Spanish tourists all atwitter (some ladies in the group even stalked him outside when he stepped out to smoke a cigarette).

The one and only Al Franken was at Presidio Social Club last week, dining with three other ladies (no idea who they were). He had the oxtail biscuits and the chopped salad, then coffee. No wine, and no cocktails, but there was reportedly a good amount of laughter coming from his table.