April 21, 2009

Condoleezza Rice dined at MacArthur Park Palo Alto last Thursday (she is back to teaching at Stanford). She chatted it up with the GM, and had artichokes, chicken, and ribs. And she wasn’t alone: Secret Service came in right before her to check out the restaurant and dined at the bar.

Last week Charlie Rose ate at Scala’s three times, and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, Taxi) was also spotted in the house.

From an Easy Bay reader: “Blair Underwood, Miranda's hot boyfriend from Sex and the City (the one who said “I love you” on a cookie) was at Pican in Oakland Friday night. He was looking very good.”

And here’s probably one of my favorites, ever: Dita Von Teese was recently at Bouchon, and reportedly “looking amazingly beautiful” (is she ever anything but?).