August 7, 2007

This is so fierce: John Waters was dining at Bar Tartine with Mink Stole(!) and holding court all night (natch). He reportedly went up to some chickie and said, “I'm gay, but you're hot” and then turned to her date and said, “I hope you know how lucky you are.” Snappity snap!

Speaking of fierce, Eddie Izzard and Nick Graham (Mr. Joe Boxer) dined at Postrio just a couple days ago.

On Thursday, Le Colonial had some guests sent over from the Four Seasons under a rather boring alias, and it turned out to be our the friendly (har) David Schwimmer and his female companion. They were so fired up with fab bartender Jackie Peterson’s drink list that they ended up having their courses paired with the different cocktails, and Jackie even whipped up something for a liquid dessert. Next: liquid breakfast!

Musician and actor Glen Hansard (from the movie "The Commitments" and "Once" and the band The Frames) was hanging out at Rockin' Java on Haight Street.