February 17, 2009

This is downright charming: Bill Cosby came into Nopa and sat at the back counter overlooking the kitchen on Friday night. He was inspired to try it after seeing the restaurant featured in a recent Check Please! Bay Area episode. The funny timing (crucial in comedy, you know) is that chef Laurence Jossel had just watched Cosby in a stand-up act on TV a couple nights prior, so the two were able to pass along compliments about their respective TV appearances in person. Jossel, known by many for his “dad humor” (as I like to call it), didn’t impress Cosby with his jokes. Awwww. But Jossel did end up getting invited to Cosby’s show the next night, but no dice on being able to leave the restaurant to go see it.

Got word about these sporty sightings at the new Ozumo in Oakland: baseball Hall of Famer (and sake fan) Joe Morgan, and Warriors head coach Don Nelson going for the meat at the robata grill.