January 13, 2009

A tablehopper reader writes in, “My hubby and I were at Whole Foods in SoMa on Saturday January 3rd. We were making salads at the salad bar and noticed a dapper man. Upon closer inspection, lo and behold, it was Mos Def creating his own healthy salad. An older man, his driver, was close by. We were glad Mos eats healthy AND builds his own salads rather than sending someone in. He quickly ducked out so I was not able to accost him.” Word.

Another reader write in, “My friends and I swore that Emily VanCamp, who plays Rebecca Harper on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, was dining [at Cav Wine Bar & Kitchen] with a posse last Friday night.” I wasn’t able to get a positive I.D. from Cav (owner Pamela Busch watches different TV shows), so we’ll just have to take the reader’s word for it!