January 22, 2008

Sean Penn was spotted in Kuleto’s, leaving some people to wonder if his dreads were part of his hat, or perhaps a disguise. Maybe it’s his new look. Anyway, he and some cast from the Harvey Milk film were there for a late dinner.

Senator Diane Feinstein booked one of Spruce’s private dining rooms and celebrated her wedding anniversary with hubby Richard Blum.

Also heard that Connie Nielsen was at Toy Boat Dessert Cafe on Clement Street with a few kids and a friend/nanny. One of the kids was riding the mechanical toy horse, screaming, "Connie, Connie, Connie!” The tablehopper reader wanted to point out she was Dirk's mom (Mrs. Calloway) in Rushmore, and she was also in Gladiator. Nielsen was reportedly, “chatting with what appeared to be the owner, and had apparently never heard of Mr. T. Seriously. This is what they were discussing. Mr. T."