January 6, 2009

Up North in Healdsburg, Dry Creek Kitchen and Hotel Healdsburg played host to Hilary Swank and her boyfriend this past week. She dined at Dry Creek Kitchen three nights in a row–including spending New Year’s Eve there. She and her boyfriend reportedly played a game of cards at the table. No, it wasn’t strip poker.

So, this wasn’t in a restaurant, but hey, we’re talking about Daniel Boulud, who was spotted by a tablehopper reader on his Virgin America flight from NYC to San Francisco on Sunday. He was drinking Heineken and watching CNN during the flight. No, he didn’t pack a mini cassoulet and ask the flight attendant to warm it up for him. Anyone know what he was in town for? Does this mean he’s going to start After Hours With Daniel here? (A girl can dream.) He was also spotted having dinner at Quince last night with Paul Bocuse. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s Bocuse d’Or time! The competition is at the end of this month in Lyon.