July 29, 2008

Darling Bernadette Peters dined at Presidio Social Club, sharing the goat cheese and beet salad and the butter lettuce salad with her friend, and she then had the special of California white sea bass. Since the PSC is a big fan of playing The Jerk on their television screens, they had it running that night. On her way out, a guest stopped Bernadette and said, "Hey, they're playing your movie.” She stopped and chatted for about ten minutes, describing the scenes and what it was like working with Steve Martin. Uh, funny, right?

A tablehopper reader spotted Jerry Rice at Crustacean Sunday night with his family. He was “super nice” and posed for some pics.

Another tablehopper reader was at Americano for happy hour and saw Baron Davis sitting at a table with a bunch of friends having fun.

And yes, The Hammer is back! MC Hammer was at Junnoon in Palo Alto, along with Chamillionaire, the Grammy Award-winning platinum recording artist, plus Quincy Jones III, and the ghost ridin’ Mistah F.A.B. from Oaktown. They were at Stanford for a conference called The AlwaysOn & STVP Summit for a panel titled "Breakout: Music Artists Go Entrepreneurial,” the hit of the day.