May 1, 2007

I know some people who will appreciate this: Peter Berlin was seen dining at 2223 (he was a famous skin flick star, activist, actor, and artist in the 70s and 80s). Reportedly a big tipper too. Heh.

Natalie Portman
and an entourage of six were at Salt House Wednesday night. No other details, except she's reportedly very tiny and really is that gorgeous.

Serious star wattage continues, this time in the Gourmet Ghetto: Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson were spotted getting cones from Bi Rite Creamery Saturday night. They also had an early Sunday dinner at Delfina, “sitting unpretentiously at the counter space near the front door.” They were also seen having breakfast/brunch in the restaurant at Sports Club/LA at the Four Seasons. Another tablehopper reader reports, “She was wearing a backless top (a little much for breakfast?) and crop pants... he: blue slippers (possibly from their hotel room upstairs).”

And on the completely other side of things, the Dalai Lama dined at LarkCreekSteak on Friday night for dinner. Reportedly, “He was there with a group of 15 other people and was most gracious, shook the managers' hands and had a great time. He was in town teaching a seminar in San Francisco on April 27 & 28 at the Civic Center.” One tablehopper reader surmises, “I bet Kate [Hudson] had front row seats. After all, her momma's book is Tibet-ly titled A Lotus Grows in the Mud.