May 5, 2009

I had two tablehopper readers write in about spotting Vince Vaughn at Gary Danko last Friday April 24th.

Sean Penn was on the town Saturday night, both at the Clift’s Redwood Room with a group of friends, and at RN74 Saturday night with Matt Gonzalez (former mayoral candidate/supervisor/Green Party VP) and two other people. (Penn left the meal twice to smoke a cigarette outside—looks like he picked up where Anthony Bourdain left off.)

Ian Zeiring (aka Steve Sanders from 90210) was at Absinthe on Saturday (he had the halibut—and you thought I was going to say the scallops).Â

But here’s the biggie, my friends: the ever-darling Drew Barrymore celebrated her birthday at Bar Jules on Saturday, along with Justin Long. There was a party of 20, and according to one tablehopper reader “Drew looked beyond gorgeous in a backless black dress and a feather in her hair.”