November 21, 2006

Marisa Churchill (just booted from last week's episode of Top Chef) was spotted at CIRCA having drinks at the bar. Drowning her sorrows? Perhaps some sales of her 2007 calendar will perk her up (yes, the former executive pastry chef at Ame has her own calendar, with pics of her blowtorching a crème brûlée whilst in a bikini). Let's hope she manages to sell more of the bigger-ticket autographed ones.

Anthony Bourdain in the 415: naturally he was at Incanto on Sunday night, and Monday evening our very own Jalapeño Girl, Mary Ladd, was dining with Bourdain at Medjool, and then drinking at Doc's Clock in the Mission.

Alexis Arquette was spotted being a very bad girl Saturday night, but I'm gonna be quiet and won't say exactly what. Hey, what happens after-hours stays after-hours.