September 26, 2006

Okay then: Marin-based Kirk Hammett of Metallica must like the late-night menu (until 1am nightly) at Café Maritime in the Marina since he's come in more than once. Seems he has a refined palate: his predilection for oysters and wild salmon along with champagne certainly shows a heightened culinary sensibility.

27 of the Arianna Huffington crew bounced into Le Colonial after her private book party wrapped up (it was hosted at Larry Ellison's abode on outer Broadway). The crew included Huffington Post Editor Roy Sekoff, Yahoo!'s Scott Moore, An Inconvenient Truth's Lawrence Bender, author/screenwriter Nora Ephron, Norman Lear and his wife Lynn, and Huffington herself, who enjoyed some lamb chops, being the good Greek girl she is.