December 20, 2013

December 20, 2013

The annual truffle dinner at La Toque begins in January. Photos courtesy of La Toque.

By 707 correspondent Heather Irwin. Sign up for the BiteClub Newsletter.

It’s that special time of year when menus pay homage to the much-adored truffle. One of our favorite menus is at ~LA TOQUE~ in Napa, where beginning on Friday January 10th (through early March), chef Ken Frank will feature fresh black truffles with every one of the six courses on his menu.

Among the offerings are ravioli with black truffle butter, scallops and lobster with truffle, oxtail and chanterelles with truffle (a match made in heaven), stuffed chicken wings with truffle macaroni, the fragrant Mt. Tam cheese with truffles, and a truffled mascarpone cannoli with roasted hazelnuts. Each course is available with special wine pairings. The menu is $200 per person, and an added $85 with wine. 1314 McKinstry St., Napa, 707-257-5157 for reservations.