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Piping hot bowl of spicy Hunan wor wonton soup.

Review is for delivery only.

Is there anything better than dim sum for dinner? Sure, it’s a little wrong, but sometimes, it’s just what you need. I usually have my steamer at the ready so once my delivery shows up, I can give any dumplings a quick reheat. (Highly recommended—lukewarm dim sum sucks.) Although a few times the dumplings have arrived pretty warm (they’re coming all the way from the Marina, so I don’t expect miracles.)

So, ~COUNTRY SKY CHINESE~: no, it’s not mind-blowing dim sum, but it’s definitely good. And holla! We’re talking dim sum TO YOUR DOOR. The best deal is your choice of three pieces for $11.95. I always get the shrimp and cilantro dumpling—sometimes twice, it’s that good. The baked BBQ pork bun is another winner, and reheats well the next day. Chicken bun, check. And of course there’s shumai (chicken or pork). Almost everything is $4.50 each.

My other fave on the menu is their Hunan wor wonton soup ($4.25/$7.95). It comes piping hot (and is MSG free!), loaded with beef, roasted pork, mushrooms, plump won tons, carrots, bok choy, and shrimp, and it’s spicy. I’m a fan.

Delivery minimum is $15, so do the dim sum and a large soup and you have dinner for two, plus some leftover soup for lunch the next day. Nice people on the phone—always pleasant—and delivery usually takes the amount of time they quote (often 45 minutes).

3321 Steiner St.
(at Lombard St.)


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