Goood Frikin' Chicken

Like, you talkin' to me? Oh, so you got a hankering for some chicken? You want some frickin' chicken? FINE, you can have your frickin' chicken! All you have to do is get a membership at Costco for their obscenely tasty but so NOT organic crack-injected sodium-boosted rotisserie chicken, or forget all that mayhem and go hit the bizarrely named ~GOOOD FRIKIN' CHICKEN~ (and no, that extra "o" is not a mistake, nor is the new-style spelling of frickin').

This is one of those joints in the Outer Mission I've been meaning to hit for some time (I have to say, the parking out there really does my head in--I've spent 45 minutes fruitlessly looking for a parking spot on summertime El Rio Sundays, and it's a long and windy haul on my bike, Peach One). So a chef pal got me all fired up to go hit GFC (nope, no Colonel here) one night with her girlfriend, and I even got picked up and dropped off, so color me stoked. Frickin' sweet.

Since my pals are GFC pros, I was in good hands. Here's how you do it: go for the fried cheese to start (it was like the awesome Halloumi cheese you find in Greece, bliss), and eat some of the four hunks of blistered tangy cheese with your salad that you're gonna end up getting as one of the sides with your chicken (just push the out-of-season tomatoes to the side--it was wintertime when we ate there).

Yup, it's time to engage in a lip lock with your frickin' chicken: the open flame chicken is the way to go. My pro pals know to order it extra crispy (now we all know). The complete meal gets you a salad and one side dish ($8.75 for half, and $15.75 for a whole chicken). It's $6.45 for a half chicken a la carte, or $11.45 for a whole bird. Instead of opting for the pilaf or mac and cheese sides, go for the garlicky hummus or smoky baba ghannoush.

But hold that chicken leg for one second, because I have two caveats here. First: this chicken is pretty darned good, but still does not compare to the chicken fabulousity that is Zankou in L.A. I miss that frickin' chicken like a long-lost parent, Flying Saucer, and my now-discontinued Dior red lipstick, all rolled into one. That chicken is the straight-up chicken heavyweight champ, with a big ole shiny belt on. (Peck peck, it will kill you.)

Second: the hummus and baba g are good, but that frickin' Mediterranean Spirit has totally ruined me on both those counts. Oh, and I can't even order chicken shawerma anywhere else either. Oh, and falafel too! Fie on you, Mediterranean Spirit! Must you ruin it for everyone? And why aren't you in my neighborhood?! Criminy.

I digress. All this frickin' talk has me fired up. But for the record, GFC also has shawerma (chicken or lamb), falafel (also available in a vegetarian combo plate), and chicken or beef kebabs. Everything is like $7.25 or under, a la carte.

Okay, so this chicken was hella tasty, with an herbal marinade that it rests in overnight. I always go for dark meat, so my pieces were juicy fo sho. I loved the complimentary griddled pita dusted with zaatar and doused in olive oil. (Trust, you'll end up ordering more.) Be sure you get the garlic dip (to keep away vampires, right?), ask for the spicy sauce too, and I say dispense with the silverware and just get in there. Everything is dusted in herbs, from the chicken to the pita to the salad. You will be too.

But wait! Let's not forget the mosakhan ($6.45 a la carte/$8.75 meal)! What is this, you ask, this mysterious mosakhan? It's like the grandmaster Mediterranean mother ship: a juicy pile of chicken that has been cooked with soft golden onions, sumac, olive oil, and pine nuts, all wrapped up in lavash like a burrito and grilled to crispy perfection. Mother of God, the mosakhan is totally a goldmine of goodness, the mack, the man, the mosakhan. It was frickin' delicious. Here I am, writing this thing at 11:30pm and now I am totally frickin' hangry.

Didn't make it to dessert since we could barely finish the bounty. But I am so going back to try the kenafeh ($4.25), a dessert made with thin shredded pastry, sweet cheese, and honey syrup. I had a variation of this at Troya and loved it. There's also rice pudding ($2.25), warbaat ($1.95/phyllo dough puffs with orange blossom syrup), and two kinds of baklava ($1.65-$1.95).

The space is pretty big, lit like a doctor's office, and has some pastoral murals of the old country on the walls. But what you cannot help studying is the totally hot frickin' waitress. Can't vouch for all of them, but this one was full-on babe incarnate. Seriously, I was considering for a hot minute what a lifetime as frequent customers at Good Vibrations would look like. But then one look at the meaty mosakhan reminded me I really do prefer boys. Hey, it was fun to consider.

So, speaking of human nature, if nature calls, prepare for a fun little adventure walk out the back door and down some stairs. Perhaps it's related to their weird slogan, "Weee…do chicken best." And while I would say that's quite a bold statement, they certainly do chicken pretty frickin' well.

Goood Frikin' Chicken
10 29th St.
Cross: Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110


Mon-Thu 11am-11pm
Fri 11am-12am
Sat 12pm-12am
Sun 12pm-9pm

Entrées $5.25-$15.75
Desserts $1.65-$4.25

10 29th St. San Francisco
(at Mission St.)


  • Greek
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle Eastern


  • Good for Groups
  • Kid Friendly
  • Lunch