Mission Burger


This is such a sick and wrong chef burger. I could only eat half in one sitting, and I still felt really terrible about myself. Anthony Myint (of Mission Street Food) and Danny Bowien have created a fully fat-loaded burger: 1/3 lb. of aged Harris Ranch brisket, short rib, and chuck, granulated* and seared in beef fat (so wrong!), served with two slices of Monterey jack (fat grams are adding up), caramelized onion (ching ching), and caper aioli (uh huh) on a griddled Acme bun (read: more fat). It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. A bit salty for me, but oh-so decadent, and definitely one to try (just don’t make it a habit). The mint lemonade rocks. You want fries with that?

One thing you can feel good about: $1 of each sale goes to the SF Food Bank (the burger is $8).

Just head into the Duc Loi supermarket and look for the counter to the left. There are only a few random chairs to sit on. (There’s now a fried chicken sandwich too.)

* from Mission Burger: “granulation is our term for the process popularized by Heston Blumenthal, a Michelin three-star chef based in London. Blumenthal combines strands of ground meat to create a loosely grained “meat column” (not Blumenthal’s phrase), then slices the column into patties. The result is, well, a delicacy.”

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