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nopa’s casual Mexican offshoot rocks the house, with regional dishes made with excellent local/organic ingredients. The juicy carnitas are a hands-down favorite (especially when I’m eating any leftovers the next day with some eggs), and it’s the perfect season for Nopalito’s flavor-riffic pozole. Be sure to try something with their housemade masa, whether it’s a tamale, a tortilla (mmm, quesadillas), or the delicious chips in the saucy chilaquiles dish for breakfast (pictured). And yay, there’s easy and free parking in the adjoining lot.

TIP: Call ahead to get your name on the waiting list during busy times.

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306 Broderick St. San Francisco
(at Oak St.)
Gonzalo Guzman and Jose Ramos, chef


  • Mexican


  • Brunch (Daily)
  • Kid Friendly
  • Lunch

Special Features

There’s a special take-out window.