Phoenix Bar & Irish Gathering House

Some people swear by the brunches at the ~PHOENIX BAR & IRISH GATHERING HOUSE~, or come here to watch whatever game is on (eek, well, in my book, sorry) over some pints with the boys. Reportedly, their shepherd's pie is delish, and breakfast brings boxty and a traditional Irish breakfast. But I am not writing about any of these occasions.

What I'm here to cover is the total pile of juicy corned beef love that showed up in between two grilled slices of rye bread one day when I was in the Mission, and totally freaking hangry (that's hungry and angry combined, an irresistible term I learned from a funny stranger at a taco truck one day). I was in dire need of some serious food and drank, and I'll be damned, that sandwich and a pint totally nailed it.

Juicy corned beef is just the best. The fabulous sandwich flavor spectrum (patent pending) was further enhanced with some cheddar cheese, kicky mustard, and some snappy pickle slices. It was a monster of a sandwich, but you know I finished it.

You also have the option of getting the evil potato skins they offer, instead of fries. I say get the tato skins. Clever use of the skins, I might add. Smart kitchen. An ice-cold pint of Bass, and I was totally set. My pal had the burger, and some other beer from the long line of taps running the length of the bar—I don't remember what kind, I was way too into my sandwich. Rolling Stones were played, and some other good classic rock. The lights were dim, especially at the back tables, which would be great if you're nursing a hangover.

And like a true pub, the place doesn't close all day, so they are seriously there to take care of you, whatever your damage (Heather), at whatever time. Pleasant servers. I also loved the fact that after our waitress took our order, she brought over a basket of homemade soda bread. Rock! So while I was pondering the ETA of my pastrami, my beer and soda bread combo were already making me more happy than hangry. I am healed!

Phoenix Bar & Irish Gathering House
811 Valencia St.
Cross: 19th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110


Mon-Fri 11am-2am
Sat-Sun 10am-2am

Sandwiches $7-$12

811 Valencia St. San Francisco
(at 19th St.)


  • Irish
  • Pub Food


  • Brunch (Daily)
  • Late-Night Dining
  • Lunch
  • Bar