August 22, 2006

August 22, 2006

Fans of ~TABLESPOON~ on Polk Street (present company included) will be happy to hear they scored a liquor license! After weeks of waiting for the permit, it finally went through last week. Which is dreamy, because the space already has a great bar. Swing on by for a cocktail, and stay for dinner. (Don't skip their spiffy cheese course presentation.)

With an intended launch of the Tuesday after Labor Day (Sept. the 5th), ~MYTH CAFÉ~ will start serving a limited and very reasonable menu for dinner. The dishes will be designed to be totally different from what you would find at Myth—think sliders, and a price point hovering around $10. Ryan Scott's sandwiches already rock my world, so you can imagine how tasty dinner will be. Myth Café will be serving dinner Monday through Friday until 9pm—I'll have more in a couple weeks once the menu firms up.

A tablehopper reader tipped me off to some changes at the ~CHEZ MAMAN~ location in Bernal—looks like the bistro fare said adieu, and it's now a Pan-Asian joint. Perhaps having Mike Yakura on board for the La Suite transformation got Bulow's Maktub group fired up for spring rolls instead of smoked salmon!

The nice chaps at ~MORTY'S DELI~ let me know they are officially open! Pick up a sandwich on the way to the beach, like the one cleverly named "The 'Loin", with roasted pork tenderloin, pepperoni, smoked Gouda, lettuce, tomato, onion, and chipotle aioli. Can someone FedEx me one up here at Tahoe? Kidding. (Kinda.) 280 Golden Gate Ave., at Hyde St.

The remodeled ~BRUNO'S~ opened last week—yes, both the aquarium and booths are gone (sob). Word on the street is the new interior (designed by Michael Brennan) is swanky, with leopard carpets, and waitresses in tight outfits, rawr. The live music will be back, and the kitchen will serve vittles until 1am. 2389 Mission St., at 20th St.