November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015

Let’s get the hopper to NYC! All it takes is your vote for #1!

You have 10 seconds? Great. Because that’s the maximum it’s going to take you to vote for my piece in the Time Out Ultimate New York Life contest!

Yours truly’s piece, “Seven things San Francisco restaurants need to stop doing, like, right now” is #1 on the page, which makes it even easier to vote for.

If I win (oh please oh please oh please!), I’ll get an apartment for six months rent-free in NYC (um, unheard of) and will write for Time Out magazine on New York restaurants, lifestyle, bars, and more. This would be a dream come true, gang—I have wanted to live in New York for way too long! I’d be honored to represent SF in NYC—I’m already dreaming of the events I’d love to host there with SF chefs. (And I promise, I will come back. And I will keep writing tablehopper, don’t you worry!)

Voting ends Monday night! Please vote (you only need to vote once!), please share, and please know how much I appreciate all your support in this! Really, it takes a village. GRAZIE MILLE! XOXO