November 2008

November 25, 2008

Woo hoo, it’s a short week! And this will actually be a short tablehopper issue since my fab designer is traveling, and asked me to keep this one brief. Which is just as well, because I’m still in a food coma from the early holiday party I attended Sunday night that featured a turducken (yay, my first—and I’m now a fan, as long as I’m not the one making it), plus enough side dishes to fuel a planet of hungry stoners. And wine and booze, natch. Speaking of booze, high five to St. George Spirits for throwing one hell of a party on Saturday—their holiday open house was mighty fun (and their De Profundis 20-year-old pear brandy is profoundly delicious).

Speaking of parties, check out the upcoming event I’ll be hosting on December 9th—it’s a unique cocktail and cookin’ competition! See below for more in the chatterbox—would love to see you there!

I’m so lucky to just ease on down the road to San Mateo on Thursday for Thanksgiving with my parents, sis, and grandma. Gotta love being local. More local love: in case you’re still stumped on what you’re drinking this Thursday, Ian Becker of Arlequin has written up a wino column on that very topic, so enjoy.

Here’s wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving, full of good food, family, friends, vino, and let’s all give thanks for everything we have, know, do, and are. Oh, and I owe an extra big thanks to all the restaurants that responded to last week’s call for placing interns from the upcoming graduating class of the CHEFS program—both the program manager and I are beyond thrilled with the response. Very grateful, indeed. You rock.


November 18, 2008

I don’t even know where to begin with this weather—like, when did I move back to LA? And whoa, my convertible actually makes sense in San Francisco right now. It was truly magnificent to be up in wine country this weekend during such a bizarre heat wave. Spring fever in mid November, woot! Healdsburg is one of my favorite places in the 707, especially with all the fall color. Get up there now if you can—and if you need to know where to go, look here at my past Healdsburg jetsetter pieces for some guidance and ideas.

This week, we have the next installment of the hardhat, from guest writer Erin Archuleta, and now, a bookish giveaway! This week’s giveaway is courtesy of Chronicle Books: Baking for All Occasions by Flo Braker (I know, her last name has just one superfluous consonant). The odds for this drawing are good because there will be three lucky winners (you also get a Chronicle tote bag). To enter to win, please forward this week’s tablehopper newsletter to a buddy (or more, you star!!), telling them why they would dig a subscription to the tablehopper e-column (if you call it a blog, you are disqualified, and I am so not kidding), and CC or BCC luckyme [at] tablehopper [dot] com so I know you sent it—I promise I won’t use anyone’s email address. Deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday November 23rd. I’ll notify the three winners soon thereafter!

Oh, and I have to do a shout to reader Jillian C., who wrote in a question, but my email to her keeps bouncing. Jillian, can you send me your phone number instead? Or another email? Didn’t want you to think I was ignoring your question. That would be rude.

Chow ciao,

November 11, 2008

What a week last week, eh? I was definitely on party patrol this past weekend. Friday was the Red Tie Gala at Neiman Marcus, truly offering some of the best people watching of the year (gotta love the Italian old ladies in their sunglasses, minks, and heels—mixed in with the Little Sisters of the Poor, yup, it’s a contrast), followed the next day with a trip out of town to Petaluma for one of my favorite parties of the year: the McEvoy Ranch harvest party. I couldn’t leave without buying a bottle of olio nuovo—have you ever poured some over soft-boiled eggs, and mixed ‘em up in a bowl with Maldon salt, cracked pepper, and toasted ciabatta? You should! It’s the unofficial Gagliardi family’s favorite breakfast.

And on Sunday, the tablehopper did not rest, because that night was the Zen Hospice One Night, One Heart fundraising event with Elizabeth Falkner and Ryan Scott, who prepared a special meal paired with Murray Street Vineyards wines in the back of Stable Café (such a great venue!); I was invited to give a little tablehopper talk about what’s new in SF to the guests.

This week’s docket includes a preview of the new seven-course beef dinner at Bong Su (more on that soon), checking out one of the events at SF Wine Week (you can read more here, and please note they are offering $35 single-event/day tickets now), and then heading up to Healdsburg this weekend for the sold-out Michel Schlumberger annual Wild Pig Party (plus finally going to Scopa for dinner, and hopefully Diavola for pizza the next day!). I’ll be sure to update my Healdsburg jetsetter pieces with details for you! And I will also be working out at least two hours a day to keep up with all this.

In the mood to play? Well, this week I am giving away two pairs of tickets to the St. George Spirits open house next weekend (read all about it in the socialite)! To enter to win, please forward this week’s tablehopper newsletter to one friend or drinking buddy (or more, you star!!), telling them why they would dig a subscription to the tablehopper e-column (if you call it a blog, you are disqualified, no joke!), and CC or BCC luckyme [at] tablehopper [dot] com so I know you sent it—I promise I won’t use anyone’s email address. Deadline to enter is midnight on Friday November 14th. I’ll notify the two winners soon thereafter and get you and your guest on the list! You even get complimentary tastes of the absinthe and Tequila!

~ Marcia

November 4, 2008

Hey there, thanks everyone for the nice birthday wishes—as hoped, I had quite the swell weekend. Actually, my entire week was pretty mind-blowing, starting with the Milk premiere party on Tuesday, tablehoppin’ with a friend to a cocktail event and then dinner at Bar Tartine on Wednesday, and let’s not gloss over Thursday, a really memorable night with a couple friends, touring kitschy bars and locations in San Francisco for a vintage photo shoot concept we came up with—we uncovered some total gems, I’ll share some pics later...

One thing I gotta report back on: our first stop Thursday night was at the Elk’s Lodge No. 3, an impressive building dating back to 1924 that you can usually only access by being a guest of an Elk. This event I am mentioning is absolutely not food related, but here goes: this Wednesday November 5th, the Lodge is hosting SF Elks Fight Night, an amateur and charity boxing night, and anyone can attend! So depending on how this election goes, maybe you can release some pent-up stress or aggression in a second-hand fashion by watching seven bouts. At a minimum, you can check out the amazing space. ($50, doors at 6pm, 450 Post St., 3rd floor, call 415-421-5231 for more.)

OK, back to my wild and wooly week: Halloween was fun, of course, and for my rainy day birthday on Saturday, I went to the Moss Room for lunch with a friend, caught the opening of the YSL exhibit at the de Young, hosted a Chinese banquet dinner for 12 dear friends at Five Happiness that night (more on our amazing meal soon!), and then out dancing all night, woot! (Gotta love that extra bonus hour on the dancefloor.) Am I tired? Uh, yeah. Quite. I am draggin’. And this election is wracking my nerves—check out where you can watch results around town with your fellow stressed pals in the socialite. Funny, most of the events involve booze. Huh. I wonder why.

So, let’s get hoppin’.
~ Marcia

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