May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

A plate of goodness at Shangri-La Vegan.

I’m coming up on week two of my three-week cleanse (eating vegan, organic, and raw as much as possible; no wheat/processed items, no sugar, no caffeine, and no alcohol), and while I am really missing eggs (reason number one why I could never be a vegan), I’m feeling pretty damned good.

Nothing like seeing the recent flick Forks Over Knives to really hammer things home about the deleterious health effects from Americans consuming way too much meat and dairy in their diet. Now, I didn’t agree with the film’s usage of quite possibly the worst footage of meat they could find (it looked incredibly unappetizing), and egad, did you really have to show us so much nasty surgery footage? But otherwise, the film makes some really compelling points about the importance of having a plant-based diet. I hope a lot of people see this film—it’ll make you want to make some adjustments in your diet, even if you are eating organic meat. It’s playing at the Bridge on Geary (which dates back to 1939, I love that place)—check it out.

Speaking of plant-based living, have you had a chance to check out the newly updated CUESA website? There’s a new Seasonal Foods section, with over 150 new pages where you can learn more about the fruits, vegetables, and other edibles available at the Ferry Plaza, plus learn when things are in season, and get inspired with some recipes. There’s a whole lot more that has been added to the site, check it out.

My dining circuit has been mostly about dining at home, but I had a delicious meal at Cha-Ya in the Mission last week (check out my faves on Deep Dishing), and I was happy to visit a friend in the East Bay for lunch, swinging by Shangri-La Vegan (the former Manzanita location on Linden Street) for a bountiful macrobiotic lunch. That place rules. I recommend getting the “full” plate so you can bring home scrumptious leftovers.

Three of my favorite things I’ve been eating: the fresh cilantro chutney from Sukhi’s that I picked up at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market has been a godsend (love it with vegetables over brown rice), the Whole Foods red bell pepper hummus is notably creamy and delicious, and it’s been nice having the quinoa porridge back in my life for breakfast (my latest favorite combo is banana, Artisana coconut butter, and shaved almonds—hubba hubba).