Have we met before?

FEBRUARY 16, 2006 | SAN FRANCISCO Next Tuesday (the 21st) you will receive your first issue of “the tablehopper,” a weekly email of San Francisco restaurant reviews, news, gossip, and going-ons written by yours truly, Marcia (rhymes with Garcia) Gagliardi. You received this email because I have probably eaten in your restaurant, or had a drink (or two) at your bar, or simply have you in my contact list as someone with good taste. (Everyone is hoping they’re in this category.)

I’m a local freelance food writer, known by many as the “enthusiastic reviewer” because I simply adore the experience of dining and going out, and for the past eleven years have been adventuring throughout the City far and wide like a culinary swashbuckler. I get countless calls and emails, asking, “Hey, what new place should I take my hairstylist to on Saturday?” (That depends; has your stylist ever made you cry?) and “Where can I get a good cocktail in the Polk Gulch?” (Get thee to Vertigo.) and the one I hear the most after I tell someone I’m a food writer, “What’s your favorite place?” (Right now? Ame is mighty fine.). Since the questions keep coming, my answer is “the tablehopper.”

“The tablehopper” will come out each Tuesday (don’t you have enough to read on Wednesday? I thought so). It will include the scoop on which chef is going where, what is opening or closing or finally remodeling, preview reviews of places that are about to or have just opened, as well as reviews of established places I think are a hidden gem or are doing something spiffy, or maybe it’s just a place I’ve just always been curious about. I’m big on scouting the best and compiling lists, like where to find the top prix-fixe deals or best steak frites in town. There will also be news about cool food and restaurant events, like winemaker dinners or special purveyor menus, and even special invites for tablehopper members.

So your parents are coming into town and you need recommendations on where to take them? No idea where to have that big power lunch? (You closer, you.) Tablehopper.com will also offer a concierge service (“tip please”) that only my good friends previously had access to, so welcome to the family. You’ll be able to write me your request, and I’ll get back to you with a custom recommendation in 24 hours. Gratis. (For now. Meow.)

I look forward to seeing this grow (unlike my waistline), so I appreciate any feedback, advice, or ideas you’d like to cast my way. And any gossip or news is always in high demand! When tablehopper.com launches on Tuesday, you’ll be able to read some more background about me and check out the “tip please” service. Otherwise the site will be a little slim (for now) but the content will grow as more newsletters get written.

See you on Tuesday!

~Marcia, the tablehopper