April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

Paper or plastic? Neither! How about a gorgeous laminated custom bag with vivid full-color reproduction of your images on all surfaces, even the inside? People will be chasing their tails to get one of your beautiful bags! Strong and durable, they can impressively hold up to 80 pounds while serving as a walking billboard of your brand and message all over the Bay Area. Why produce a bag that’s just going to get thrown away when you can make something special that will get repeat use and that people will notice? All aspects of the bag can be customized to your specs and are produced using materials that are recyclable and eco-friendly.

And have you seen the fab tablehopper vintage t-shirts? Yup, we helped choose the right garments, and printed them too! Did you know 83 percent of customers remember the business who gave them a promo item? A typical product is kept for 12 months and is often used every day.

Special offer: Now through May 31st, get 50 percent off setup!

After almost nine years in the industry, we at Poppy Promos still get a huge kick out of doing what we do: helping people choose just the right promotional item at an attractive price and make sure it gets there when they want it. We’re a local company (in Oakland!) primarily serving a local client base.

Call us today for more details on these beautiful bags or for anything else you might want custom-made for your business.

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