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$10 Rides in SF! No Surge Rates on New Year's Eve! Party Time! 

No, the bubbles have not gone to your head: Flywheel is offering a surge-free New Year’s Eve, with all rides in San Francisco for a flat rate of $10. Whuuut?! So you can go ahead and order that extra glass of fancy Champagne, because you’re not paying surge rates during one of the busiest nights of the year to get around. Sweet!

Flywheel’s #SurgeFreeNYE begins at 8pm PST on 12/31/14, and ends at 3am PST on 1/1/15. All rides are a flat rate of $10 during that time.

Please note all rides must start and end in San Francisco city limits, or you’ll be charged regular rates (via the taxi meter). Sorry, no $10 rides to the rager in Pacifica. There is also a $50 limit to these rides—any additional rides will run the meter. But remember, there’s no surge pricing on Flywheel, ever!

A few more reasons why Flywheel rocks: you get experienced cabbies who know their way around SF better than anyone. They are professional taxi drivers who are licensed, commercially insured, and have had fingerprint background checks. 

Download the app for free on iTunes/iOS and Android/Google Play. Tell your friends about #SurgeFreeNYE—it’ll be one of the safest (and cheapest) ways to get around to all your parties, just $10. You can even use code TH224Y for $5 off your first ride.

Happy New Year from Flywheel!

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