And Now, It's Time for Bar Tartine's New Name: Crescent


Chefs Cortney Burns and Nick Balla. Photo by Chad Robertson via Facebook.

I knew that chefs and now owners of ~BAR TARTINE~, Cortney Burns and Nick Balla, have been working on a new name for the business since they bought it from Tartine Bakery (we originally announced the news here), and now they have decided on a name: ~CRESCENT~.

Talking with Burns about it, she says the name really resonates with them because it summarizes the ebb and flow of things, and the birthplace of civilization and food. It also doesn’t pigeonhole their cuisine and leaves them open and free, which is very much their style. She said to expect more of a sense and definition of the name when they share their new logo and identity. The new name should also be in effect in 90-120 days or so, all contingent upon completing escrow. Looking forward to seeing things take shape for the talented duo.