Changes at Presidio Social Club

I had a chance to catch up with Ray Tang, who wanted to fill me in on a few changes as he is stepping back in as owner of ~PRESIDIO SOCIAL CLUB~. First, there is a new chef: Derek McCarthy, who was previously at Blue Plate. Look for a new menu to launch on June 1st, offering a different take on American cuisine (Tang explains the menu’s story as “cuisine that would reflect officers returning from abroad”). Prices will be lower, lunch will return, and the menu is moving away from the recent Southern focus. Instead, look for an all-day menu with dishes like a chicken noodle soup, a BLT, a burger, steak for two, nightly local fish specials, roast beef, or chicken, served with classic sides like broccoli and baked potato—but featuring high-end and locally sourced product. (He also mentioned a basket featuring a fried trio of chicken, quail, and rabbit.) The wine list is also being revamped but the cocktails will remain the same (i.e. delicious)—and look for the return of the Sunday roast pig. Additional details: Shawn Kearney is no longer with the company and is taking a break from the restaurant world, and Puccini Group will continue as the management group.