Changes at SFJAZZ: Charles Phan's South Closed, Relaunching with a Mexican Menu


The bar at South at SFJAZZ. Photo via Facebook.

Some changes to Charles Phan’s ~SOUTH AT SFJAZZ~: the space is closed for renovations as of Sunday June 22nd, and when it reopens on Saturday July 12th, the Southern menu will be scrapped for a Mexican one. (No one can accuse Phan of being a one-trick pony, that’s for sure.)

The chef is Rymee Trobaugh (formerly Zuni), and the new menu will be “small plates, with rustic Mexican flavors,” with dishes ranging from $5-$19. We got an initial look at the preliminary menu, which includes dishes like flores de calabaza rellenas (stuffed squash blossoms with sheep’s milk ricotta and salsa de aguacate) and molotes (Oaxacan masa empanadas with black beans, roasted salsa), while larger plates include conejo en mole amarillo (rabbit in yellow mole with masa dumpling and carrots) and puerco con chile verde (pork in salsa verde, turnips, black beans, and purslane). With a menu like that, it can be appeal to more than just show attendees.

Cocktails will also be shifted to emphasize rum, tequila, and mezcal. Stand by for an update when the opening is closer. 205 Franklin St. at Fell, 415-539-3905.