Changes in the Real Restaurants Portfolio--Bruce Hill Now Owns Zero Zero


Chef Bruce Hill (and his awesome invention, The Chef’s Press). Photo courtesy of Bruce Hill.

Some changes are happening in Bill Higgins and Bill Upson’s Real Restaurants group, which is behind Bar Bocce, Bix, Bungalow 44, Buckeye Roadhouse, Fog City, Panorama, Picco, and Pizzeria Picco. That list used to include Zero Zero in SoMa, but now chef Bruce Hill has bought them out and is the sole proprietor.

Another change is the Real Bills bought out Picco (and the pizzeria) in Larkspur, so Hill is no longer there (he opened Picco and Pizzeria Picco in 2005). Stand by for news on the new chef. It’s an amicable split—they’re calling it “coordinated uncoupling” (LOL) and Hill remains a partner at Bix. Speaking of Bix, chef Emmanuel Eng is departing—he has been the chef there since 2015, but is leaving the city with his girlfriend. Thanks for all the great meals, Eman!

As for Zero Zero, which opened in 2010, Hill says chef David Zboray just returned from a trip to Italy with the Casa de Case importers, and is fired up with plenty of new inspiration for the menu. Looking forward!