Chef Moves and Updates: Christa Chase Leaving Tartine Manufactory, Patterson Returns to Coi


A corner of the dining room. Photo courtesy of Coffee Manufactory.

SF is losing a talented chef: executive chef Christa Chase is leaving ~TARTINE MANUFACTORY~ on August 20th. She helped open the restaurant in 2016, and became the exec in 2017. She says she’s going to enjoy a break (so well-deserved), and will be part of a new project by the end of the year in Oakland (no details to share yet, but at least she isn’t going too far). Thank you for feeding us such fresh, flavorful, craveable dishes!

Over at ~COI~, chef Daniel Patterson is taking the helm once again (he left the kitchen in 2016). Over the weekend, chef Erik Anderson announced his departure in an Instagram post, and alludes to a new project in Northern California, so he isn’t going far.