Closures Around Town and Farina's Eviction, Plus a Fire at Caffe Puccini


The pozole verde from El Pípila. Photo by John Ater.

Last week, ~THE HALL~ closed in order to start making way for development of the space into mixed use (residential and retail). The temporary space (it was open for three years) housed a variety of small businesses, from Back East Sandwich Shop to El Pípila (who I heard going to be opening in a new location next year!). In the meantime, El Pípila will be doing lunch deliveries—gotta keep Guadalupe’s pozole verde in our lives! Also heard tenant Farming Hope will continue to expand with dinners and more presence at the Civic Center Farmers’ Market. 1028 Market St. at Golden Gate.

A reader let me know there has been another casualty at Ghirardelli Square: the café location for ~LE MARAIS BAKERY~ has also closed.

Over at the ~FERRY BUILDING~, Boccalone will be closing at the end of the month (on October 29th). And not just the shop, but the entire charcuterie company. Owner Mark Pastore told Inside Scoop that shop sales have been in decline, and the artisan charcuterie business has become a more crowded space. Stock up on their ibericollo while you can.

And another nail in ~FARINA~’s coffin: Mission Local reports the business was officially evicted (the notice was dated September 20th).

And just because we haven’t seen enough destruction from fires (dear lord, make it stop, please), ~CAFFE PUCCINI~ in North Beach sadly suffered a fire last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to track down the story and details before post time on how extensive the damage is—I will update this post when I can. [UPDATE: Hoodline’s report and pics are so sad, the place is totally and tragically gutted.] 411 Columbus Ave. at Vallejo.