Cotogna Launches Outdoor Seating, and Boxed Lunch!


This week’s brown bag lunch in all its tasty glory.

A faithful tablehopper reader alerted me to ~COTOGNA~’s application for outdoor seating a few weeks ago, and sure enough, the restaurant got approval to add four tables/eight chairs in the sun! Seating will be available in the beginning of August from 11am-midnight (weather permitting, of course). Your chances at scoring a walk-in seat just improved a tick.

And here’s something neighborhood workers and residents will be fired up to know: as of yesterday, Cotogna just launched boxed lunches to go. On offer will be a sandwich and salad (or soup) combination. This week features a Tuscan fried chicken sandwich with Calabrian chile and pickled fennel slaw, along with fusilli salad (with cherry tomato and mozzarella), and a porchetta sandwich was on offer today. Available Mon-Fri for $12, limited quantity (about 50 a day, so when they run out, they run out!). In the meantime, I will dream of delivery….